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April 2022

October 2022

April 2022

October 2022

idle action adventure            April 2022

Heromania: quest for glory

"Heromania: Quest for Glory" is a mobile RPG with one-thumb gameplay. Explore a charming world, battle skeletons, slimes, and more.
Visit a town to trade items, equip pets, and take on missions. Fight in an arena for rewards. Collect epic gear and customize your hero. Complete quests, earn Prestige levels, and become a legendary hero.

beat them up action                  October 2022


MaxSwitch: Hectic one-thumb gameplay on your phone. Execute action-packed combos, battle fearsome creatures, and conquer levels. Maintain a high kill count for better scores and enhanced gameplay. Engage in acrobatic moves to progress through levels and defeat formidable bosses with precision.

shooter action adventure2024

Cross Brawl

Cross Brawl: Dive into an exhilarating mobile game packed with fast-paced battles, whether solo or with friends. Explore various game modes, from 'Only One' and 'All v All' to 'Team Brawl' and 'Survival.' Collect awesome weapons, skills, and skins to customize your character and conquer mysterious locations. Unlock and upgrade your arsenal for more power, complete missions with the Brawl Pass, and climb the leaderboards to prove your skills. Constantly evolving with new content, Cross Brawl offers worldwide real-time battles, multiplayer modes, and endless excitement for mobile gamers.

casual                                                                        2025



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We are a small, independent gaming studio nestled in the heart of Estonia, dedicated to crafting captivating and enjoyable gaming experiences. Our talented team boasts a wealth of experience, having contributed their expertise to renowned titles such as Mortal Kombat X, SpongeBob Rehydrated, and Final Fantasy 15.

  • Pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming with unique concepts.

  • Ensuring games run smoothly on a wide range of mobile devices.

  • Ensuring cross-device and cross-resolution compatibility.

  • Conceptualizing and designing engaging gameplay.

  • Creating visually appealing graphics and animations.


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